In Sweden we have something called “kosläpp” every year on spring. It’s when the cows are let out of the barn for the first time after the long harsh Swedish winter months. You can imagine how happy they are! It’s a popular spectacle and brings a lot of visitors nowadays out to the country side. It’s hard to not be amused by this and the children of course loves it.

Swedish “kosläpp”

So what happens when you lock in an entire population for 49 days straight and then gives them 3 hours one morning to go out and exercise between 7am to 10am? Yup, you guessed it – a human “kosläpp”.

Let the chaos reign! I’ve never seen so much people walking around along the harbor, not even during the tourist high season when the population of the island more than doubles.

Long time no see

It’s been a while dear readers! I’ve not decided to quit the blog or anything, it has just not been too much to tell of life here during the quarantine. The first 42 days of quarantine was in complete shutdown when the only approved reason to go outside was for food or medication in the store around the corner. It’s been tough from time to time, but hopefully we have all grown in some ways. Maybe we, “in the free world”, learn to appreciate our freedom a little more after this experience. Work less? Take more care of each other? We will see.

Rule mayhem

Every second week after the lock down has meant new rules. After a couple of weeks it was such a mess of conflicting rules that we gave up trying to understand what was actually applicable.

The lifeguards were to be added to the police cordons preventing access to the sea. Small children and now adults were asking the same question. If I go in the sea, will I get coronavirus? Baffled looks all round.
And they were even more baffled when, for example, Palma police turned round and announced that yes, you could go in the sea to do sport (e.g. swimming), they having been telling kids to get out of the sea last Sunday. This sport, it appeared, meant precisely that, so you couldn’t have a paddle. What!? Meanwhile, there were the lifeguards in Palma, who – we had been expressly told – would be preventing people from going in the sea

Mallorca Bulletin

Anyway, now we are back to something more like the old good days, the new “normality” as they call it. Plenty of sun, beaches, palm trees, pool hangouts, parties and of course Paddel. I will give you some more frequent updates moving forward. We wish you all an awesome summer!

The famous Palma Nova beach populated only by locals for the first time in more than 70 years
The famous Palma Nova beach populated only by locals for the first time in more than 70 years


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