What do you do with all your free time after reaching FI(RE)? Well, i guess that’s quite individual but one thing that we love is exploring new places and going out on hikes.

On the north coast of Mallorca is the famous and picturesque town of Sóller. It’s a heaven of old mallorca style houses and town squares, all framed in by the majestic Tramuntana mountains. The town is full of excellent restaurants and hotels. During the high season months this is a extremely busy place, but as long as you avoid those months you can walk around in a less hectic environment.

How to get to Sóller

To get to Sóller from Palma you can take either the old train from Placa España or a 200-bus with TiB for 1,10€ (resident). The train project was completed in 1911, so it has been around for while. It’s of course more expensive to go by the train as it is a tourist attraction. I would still highly recommend to take the train just once as it a spectacular ride with fantastic views.

Train to Sóller

Exploring the area

Sóller is beautiful and so is Port de Sóller, which you can reach by the tram or a 5km walk from the town. The true greatness of the area, in my opinion, is its surroundings with a mixture of farms, old houses and spectacular mountains and nature. Sóller is especially famous for its orange farms. This is an easy choice for a day trip together with MrsSnow.

Hiking routes in and around Sóller
Signed hikes around Sóller

There are so many different paths to explore from Sóller, just take a look on the picture above or this cool panorama. We decided to do a combination of number 6 and 5 to make it a 4-5 hour trip. There is a good tourist information with maps of all the hikes just where the train arrives to Sóller. Its the small train cabin that stands for itself on the square.

Nice breakfast in Sóller
Always start the day with a nice sturdy breakfast before a hike.

Please be aware that some of the hikes going up against the mountain range has a hight of up to 1400 meters (4600 feet) if you start by the port. They can be very steep and might need some “climbing” on loose rocks. Choose your equipment wisely if you want to challenge those paths.

Good hiking boots
Sturdy hiking boots is necessary for the hikes up the mountain range. (Frugally purchased)

I actually monitored the shoes i wanted on the market for almost six months before a real good sale showed up by at any reseller. In the end i got them for less than half the normal price on a sell out at Decathlon. I just love when that happens. You yearn for something you really want but are too frugal/cheap to buy it. Instead you wait and wait until an opportunity shows and attack it as fast as you can. Frugality happiness in a box. It makes me equally happy every time i get to wear them.

Here are some pictures of the hike which was full of beautiful views but also of escaped lamps and goats in trees. Oh, how much i love our new FI-life on Mallorca!

We ended the hike down by the beach in port de Sóller. Took a seat on some benches in the sun eating our packed lunch consisting of empanadas (local pastry) and small chocolate croissants. We bought them in a pastry shop back in Sóller, all in all 5€.

The swedish nature is still great in its own and we will definitely be there next summer when Mallorca gets too damn hot and swamped with tourists. The question is if it will be permanent visit or just a small holiday away from “the island”.

FIRE – Expenses for a full day hiking in Soller

  • Bus – 2,20€ (Palma – Sóller – Palma)
  • Breakfast in the sun – 4€ (Coffee, Bocadillo and orange juice)
  • Water 1L – 0,40€
  • Packed Lunch – 2,50€ Empanada and croissant

In total: 9,10€ / person
Extreme frugal version 2,20€ / person when bringing your own food. This was mandatory back in Sweden on all our excursions, but here we do only do it 50/50 because it’s so cheap.

What would you do if you were to do the same, the frugal or extreme frugal version? Why?