I’m going to be very honest here, I hate new age humming, magic rocks and shit. I am an engineer, my religion is science. With that said (in an ignorant and arrogant way), i am also a former athlete. Yoga obviously has some very good exercises for both stretching and increase muscle endurance. As a middle age father, i am also really starting to feel those small aches of your body. Lift something up the wrong way or carry something heavy while leaning, you get those small (but very annoying to your 20-year old you), pains. Or even sleep in some apparently strange position to your body, it will make itself aware the next morning. Those Yoga exercises is sure to make those muscles and joints a lot happier.

Heavy? I guess so, i wouldn’t dare try

Ok, there are obviously some physical benefits that makes Yoga intriguing, but to be fair, you could also jump on gymnastics, martial arts, or some other good stretching and muscle endurance building activity. What really peaks my interest is the fact that i´ve been way too stressed during periods of the last ten years. Sleeping for an hour when arriving home from work has been a almost daily routine. Bad short term memory – forgetting what i am supposed to do, names of colleagues. Always tired when waking up, never able to feel completely rested. The signs all well known…


Sooo, with those middle age ailments and a über fatigued mind – time to try out that Yoga. Science proved or not, these Yogis seems quuuuite relaxed. Never (that i´ve seen) full of anger, or greed, or simply up to speed. I want some of that attitude towards life… I neeeed some of that relaxed way of life.

After some proper research (10 minutes googling) i found out that the Ashtanga Yoga is the most physically demanding version of this mystic practise. Should suit the former athlete version of myself. It was also very defined, in grades and series, so you could clearly see how to excel and progress. That should suit my competing ego. Said and done – i signed up for a month of leg bending and humming! On beautiful and magical island as well, what could possibly go wrong? I will let you now if I got that so sought after peace of mind but – have you tried to get rid of that stress related demons? How did you do it?


  1. Yoga is great but I think any form of regular exercise will do the trick of vanquishing those stress demons.

  2. I’m really bad at stretching after a run or a bike ride so I have tried to incorporate Yoga to avoid injuries and get more flexibility to combat the aging process….. I enjoy some of the more physical yoga practises (which can be really challenging) but for some reason I never get any regularity…..

    I hope you’ll enjoy your month of yoga and find a practise that you like

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