At 6:30am everyone is asleep in Palma. Well, almost everyone. A tiny engineer from Sweden is up taking his morning run before that evil sun shows up to ruin any form physical activity (which does not include water).

But yikes it is beautiful! I´ve been running here for years (when visiting) and it never gets old. You can run along the waterline all the way from Paseo Maritimo with its luxury boats through Palma beach, Portixol with its cafes, Molinar, Ciutat Jardi, Can Pastilla and much further. Did a 22km run once, took me all the way to the airport and back. If you’re runner this is a must visit route. If you’re not a runner, just make sure to get there by any means and take a lovely stressless stroll. But maybe not during the day in July and August, because…

Aaaaargh, the sun is rising. “Run Forrest Run!”

Spain is hot. Very hot. During July and August the temperature can reach above 40 degrees celsius and stay above 30 the entire night. For northerners and other cold hardened people this can be pure hell and its wise to stay out of the sun during the day as much as possible. We try to play the “who can avoid the sun game” with the kids as much as possible, but it’s challenging. The energy drains fast in this kind of heat and unfortunately the mood as well.

This is why this is perfect moment to try that famous Siesta. This is something that is still practised here, even though not all shops closes between 12 and 15 as they used to do just a few years ago. Not only is it good for avoiding the sun when it its at it worst, it is also healthy for you. So if you’re planning to move here start practising after the next lunch, take quick 30 min sleep and get it into your routine! Already a half-spaniard! Hasta pronto!


Ps. I have now received quite a long wish list for subjects such as our financials, school choices, taxes, background, etc. I´ll try and get them posted as soon as possible… until then use the message forum and stay up to date by signing up. Mañana.

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