This is it, this is the thing i am going to miss the most the upcoming year. Hiking in the nordic wild is a special thing, in one of those mind sweeping “you’re a grain of sand in the epic history” kind of way. Don’t get me wrong, i´ve visited magical rain forests in Australia, enormous trees and mountains in Yosemite as well as mountain forests and parks in China. All those are more “impressive” than the nordic fauna, but the feeling is different.

Hiking next to Swedish lake
Up for a evening swim all alone in the forest?

Everything about hiking is awesome! The investigating on the different possible routes together with your co-hikers. Verifying last years inventory if something is missing. Gathering all the stuff necessary and placing them next to the backpack with a good overview. Deciding what to eat and drink (yes, its allowed bring a beer with you*) and finding the exact right spot in your backpack for every little thing.

Yeeees, there are “challenges” with hiking. Some body parts might become a little sore (see heel without skin). You do need to get used to taking dumps “as bears do” and the sleeping mattress is not going to be as fluffy as your own bed made of angel feathers. But those sores and challenges are just a reminder of your hardships and will disappear the same second you drop your bag after reaching your daily goal and throw yourself in that magical lake where you will set up camp for the night.

What about Mallorca then?

So the nordics nature will have to wait but what about any routes on Mallorca? There are supposed to be a really tough European hiking route there, the GR221. There supposed to be plenty of them, but no tents allowed apparently.** Anyone have any experiences or recommendations?

*But choose carefully, each beer tend to add some nasty weight that increases step by step. It will be the best beer you ever had though!
** In the nordics we can pretty much walk anywhere and put up a tent, even on private land. This is one of the best laws ever!