Suddenly its just happening and you haven’t even realised it yet. You are moving abroad to a paradise island. An island well known for its sun*, beaches, picturesque back alleys, fresh food markets and so much more. All of your disturbed little family is coming along too. It is going to be awesome!

Through this blog you can follow our family on our journey emigrating from a cold dark little country in the north to possibly establishing a new free FIRE-based (Financial Independence Early Retirement) life on Mallorca, a sunny island in the mediterranean. All from the perspective of reasonable frugal FIRE enthusiasts – is a lean FIRE even possible on an island as popular(expensive) as this? We will also focus on health, culture, schools and everything that we feel is important/interesting to know about when migrating to a new country. Have questions for us? Shoot away in the comment field!

Don’t know what FIRE is? See here or you can just focus on all the other stuff as the pros and cons of emigrating to a place like Palma with children.


* 300 bloody days of sun… that might even become a challenge of its own.

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