We are a middle age (but forever young) couple who writes about our adventure moving from cold (but great) Sweden to the sunny island of Mallorca trying to live an awesome, free and happy life through FIRE, frugality and adventures. With us we bring two two little offsprings with all the love and chores that includes.

Before the move we lived in a small house close to one of the major cities doing full time work charades* with way too little time for actual living**. It was definitely time to do something completely different for a while before the little bastards grows up to become big bastards and leave us sitting there wondering what the hell happened with all those years when they were small and lovely little creatures.

We strongly believe in living an a life with lot of freedom with less focus on material things and superficial priorities. We rather spend more time doing the things we actually love and get inspired by and not what society feeds us with. As fellow moustachians*** we don’t believe in full retirement but want too be able to choose what we want to work with and how much.

The upcoming year we will share our experiences moving abroad to a small paradise island searching for the perfect timeout (or life long adventure) to reassess our old lives, investigates what is required for a life on FIRE on Mallorca and in general all the little nasty and wonderful surprises that life brings along when moving abroad with a family.

Why don’t you tag along for the ride and share your thoughts along the way?

Why the “Snow family”? Well, i was out of imagination and we are a family from way up north and only consists of bastards! GoT:ya!

To contact me directly you can e-mail: MrSnow(at)PalmaOnFIRE.com

* Doing the full rat race kamikaze style
** Spending time on things that actually matters to you, wether its train-spotting or gather that badass dandruff collection.

*** If you’re going to read anything about FIRE, do it from the guru of the modern FIRE-movement himself. Mr Money Moustache.