Coffe beans

The smell of Java

“Can i have a cup of coffee please?” That might seem like a straightforward order right? Wrong! There is no such thing as “a coffee” in Spain. Please join us for a quick course in the art of burnt beads.

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Santa Lucia

It started more than two weeks before the celebration of Santa Lucia (or Saint Lucy in english). It popped up in all social media newsfeeds, both Swedish, Spanish and British ones – “The yearly Santa Lucia celebration by the children from the Palmas Swedish school is coming up and is being held in Palma´s great Cathedral La Seu”

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Setting a FIRE

Okey, I promised you (and myself) that this blog would not be another FIRE blog. I’ve got quite a large number of requests though, for at least some details on our financial setup and history. This is my effort to still some of that curiosity so we can move on to the daily life joys and challenges of FIRE-life on this little island.

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